GChBA ChBRH Can Ch Soulstorm Quoth the Raven ATD 2K9 RATS AS RATI IBARp IBRH CGN TT VPM

Am Ch/Can Gr Ch Gatehouse Mr. Wonderful CGN NTD BFL-1 GCh Element Rock Star BFL-1 LC-11D Ch A-List N Moa's Knight Strike LC-10L Ch Kaywood's Clear Nite Mission LC-13D Ch Briarwood Storms' a Brewin LC-11D
Kaywood's Clear Nite Broadcast
U-Ch Moa's Diamond Tiarra WAC Ch Cambria's Highly Regarded BFL-1
Ch Moa's Have You Ever BFL-1 LC-10D
Element Reach for the Stars BFL-1 LC-11D Ch Cha-Rish Star Quest Blu-J's LC-12D Ch Cha-Rish the Rain Storm
Ch Blu-J's Wind Star Cha-rish
Ch Bruda Moonlight Over Paris CGC BFL-1 LC-11D Ch Durke's Bubba Just Moved In BFL-1 LC-11D
U-Ch Bruda Here N There CGC TDI LC-10L
Can Ch Gatehouse Downthatreddirtroad LC-13L AM/CAN/UKC CH Gorrmae's Rock the Rim CGC LC-10D Ch Trotyl De Black Shadow WAC World Ch Am/Mex Ch Arg GRCh Inaqui De Black Shadow TT
Arg Ch Jessy de Vulcano LC-15D
Ch Gorrmae's Absolutely D'vine LC-14D Ch Gemrose Cavelier v Promise
Gorrmae's Mar D Gras LC-10D
Can Ch Gatehouse Dolce Vita TT Am Ch/Can Grand Ch / UKC Ch Dreamseekers Wizard CGN CGC TT CD LC-11D Ch Perfex Cat O Nine Tails CD ROM LC-11D
Can Ch Dreamseekers Earth Angel
Can Ch Coockie Dobereich Halit Pasa TT Balou v Residenzschloss
Britannica Goldest Diamond
ExBAGo ExBHBr GChBAX4 GChBHX3 Can Ch Soulstorm N Cassel Dark Phoenix SDN SD-S-SP ETD TKP RATM CZ8B NTL TRBr SX CCF1 RATI IBARp IBRH ITL CGN VPM TD-ROM ROMC URO2 U-GRCH / Intl CH / UDC CH / AKC GCH Catawba's Power Play RATCHX5 CD RE CGC TKA BH IPO1 RATI CZ8P ROM ATT VCX FO P1 ASCA RN BSA E2A Ch Foxfire All Star LC-10D World Ch Am/Mex Ch Arg GRCh Inaqui De Black Shadow TT Am/Brz/Chl/Mex/Urg Ch Arg GRCh Nello's Lex Luthor WAC
Arg/Urg GRCh Cindy De Black Shadow LC-10D
Ch Foxfire's All That Jazz LC-12D Ch Cambria's Highly Regarded BFL-1
Ch Foxfire's Take That LC-11D
Ch Catawba's All the Rage CD ROM PA Von Wilhamhoffs II CD Cerberus v Norden Stamm SchH2 CD WH
Billie Magenta's Billie Arabella
Ch Amulet Crown Royal Vali-T Ch Legends Extravaganza v Deco CD LC-12D
Vali-T's Double Jeopardy
GChBA TDCh Can Ch Cassel N Soulstorm Wait for It Am. RN CRNMCL TKP RATO MBRH TRRD CAX AS CCF1 RATI IBARp IBRHp TT CGN TD-ROM VPM Can Ch dBella's Second Sip of Wine RA Am RN RATN TT LC-10L Can Ch Royolyn Point of Denial Ch Foxfire's Ain't in D'Nial
Can Ch Royolyn Focal Point LC-10L BFL-1
Can CH Kandak's Corazon de Canela RA TT ROMC CRNMCL TDI LC-10D Can Ch Dunrala's Razinmade Iced Sun CD
Can Ch Kandak's Oxford Lexington CD RA ROMC CGN LC-14D BFL-1
Can Ch Cassels the Price of Passion TT Am/Can Ch Jaimand's Hells Fire v Kalora Ch Nova's Zodiac v Kelview
Can Ch Kalora's Hotter Than Hades
CAN Ch Cha-Rish Starquest Passion Tea TT CGN RN LC-10D Ch Cha-Rish Star Quest Blu-J's LC-12D
Cha-Rish Ebony Nite Rendezvous