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registered name
Electra's the Wind Walker
call name
akc #
ckc #
akc studbook
  8 1983
ckc studbook
 other #
date of birth
  United States
other country
frozen semen
height (inches)
  28 3/4
weight (lbs)
  #8 bbDd
length (inches)
dna Profile
date of death
cause of death
  disc extrustion/lesion/paralysis
  Ch Beaulane Windfall  
  Ch Electra's Rally Round the Flag  













Electra's Aryan Jet Stream
Ch Electra's Shaitan v Cragmanor
Ch Electra's Zephyr


Acoma's Dubonnet High CD
Ch Addox's Casablanca Frankie WAC
Ch Addox's Franks Alot
Akela the Terminator CDX
Ch Akela's the Vindicator WAC
Aleph Godol's Jaywalker Brnswg
Ch Aleph Godol's Jenny Jump Brnswg
Ch AMV Un Util Ulises CD ROM
Can Ch Angel's Silhouettes Desiree
Arg Ch Angelo del Ave Fenix
Ch Arielle Just a Touch
Arielle Keep in Touch
Ch Aslan's Esen Hanim
Am/Can Ch Aspasia v Schwangau
Barbary Yulupa
Ch Beaulane Double Dare WAC
Ch Beaulane Every Nite Josephine
Ch Beaulane Nite Wind
Beaulane Runnin With the Wind CDX
Ch Beaulane the Nite Ryder
Ch Beaulane Whisperin' Wind
Beaulane Wind in the Willows CD WAC
Brierpatch's Elusive Quarry CD
Brierpatch's Quedar Bien
Ch Brierpatch's Querida
Brierpatch's Quick Fire
Brierpatch's Quintessence
Cara's Caution Hily Flameable CD WAC BH Sch II
Am/Can Ch Cara's I'm the Gambler CGC U.S.TT. UDC A.TT LC-15D
Ch Cara's Irish Dancer 'N Romancer CD ROM
Cara's Quest v Justamere CDX
Ch Cara's Willing and Able
Can Ch Cara's Windchime
Carlo Rojo del Ave Fenix
Ch Carolon's Dream Walker
Ch Carolon's Fly Boy
Ch Carolon's Whirlwind v Pell LC-12D
Ch Carolon's Wind Cruiser WAC
Ch Carolon's Wind Gypsy
Ch Carolon's Windflower LC-10L
Ch Carolon's Windy Gale v Pell CD ROM
Ch Cedar Knoll Dirty Dancing
Chehalem's Admiral LC-12D
Ch Chehalem's Ain't Misbehavin
Chehalem's Alberta Gold
Chehalem's Alien D'lite
Ch Chehalem's Amaretto
Am/Can Ch Chehalem's Away the Wind
Chehalem's Double Exposure
Chehalem's Double Feature
Ch Chehalem's Double Image
Ch Chehalem's Double Mint
Chehalem's Double Mirage
Chehalem's Heaven Can Wait CD
Chehalem's Hot Persuit v Da-Mar
Ch Chehalem's It's Too Darn Hot
Can Ch Chehalem's Magnum Force
Ch Chehalem's Nine to Five
Ch Chehalem's on a Hot Streak
Can Ch Chehalem's Red Hot Pepper
Chehalem's Red Hot'n Rollen
Am/Can Ch Chehalem's Taku Wind-Mydobe WAC CGC
Ch Chehalem's Winds of Fortune LC-11D
Cresthill's Christian Man UD WAC Can CD
Cresthill's Dancing Shadow
Ch Cresthill's Star Walker
Cyklon's Wayward Wind CD
D' Diegos Avanti Wind Magic
Ch Da-Mar's Bubblicious v Deco
Ch Da-Mar's Catch on Fire
Ch Da-Mar's Deal Me in
Ch Deerfield's Arizona Wind Song
Ch Deerfield's Carolina Wind Kat
Deerfield's Dakota Wind Devil CD
Deerfields Colorado Wind CD
Ch Deerfields Montana War Wind CD ROM
Electra's Cassia
Electra's Chamiso
Ch Electra's Chubasco
Electra's Family Affair
Electra's Flying Colors
Electra's Got My Wings
Ch Electra's Heavenly Bliss
Electra's Heavens Above
Ch Electra's Rum Runner
Electra's Space Walker
Electra's Touch the Sky
Am/Brz/Mex Ch Arg/Urg GRCh World Ch Enrico Rojo Del Ave Fenix
Freespirits Born to Boogie CD
Georgina Roja Del Ave Fenix
Ch Glen Coe's Armani
Ch Glen Coe's Catch a Wave
Ch Glen Coe's I Get Around
Ch Glen Coe's Krizia
Glen Coe's La Jolla
Glen Coe's Wendy You're So Bad
Ch Gold Grove U Bet v Starburst
Gold Grove We Shoulda'
Ch Hugadobe Shogun Walker
Hugadobe Sidewalk Cafe
Ch Hugadobe Tennessee Walker
Can Ch Hugadobe the Street Walker LC-11D
Hugadobe Walk Away Renee UD
Hugadobe Walk in Heather CD
Hugadobe Walkin Shadow Acres CD
Hugadobe's Skywalking Leapshin Am & Can CD
Kai Esa's Ayavalla
Kai Esa's Blowing in the Wind
Kai Esa's Call Me Mariah
Kai Esa's Chemonie
Ch Kai Esa's Santa Ana Wind
Kai Esa's Southwind
Ch Kai Esa's the Firewalker
Kai Esa's the Mistral
Ch Kai Esa's the Wicked Wind CD
Kai Esa's Whispering Wind
Lastar's Mercedes Benz
Am/Can Ch Liberator's Dreamwalker LC-12D
Lisitza's the Gambler v Jadar
Lyric's Windjammer CD
Mirabel Leadin the Wind v Cara AD LC-12D
Montwood Ebony Mist
Montwood Jonna Vargas
AM/MEX Ch Montwood Top Gun CD PC TT THD ROM LC-12D
Montwood's Mister Spock CD
Moonraker's All Time High CD
Ch Odenhof Inherit the Wind
Am/Can Ch Odenhof Sassy Tomato CD ROM
Ch Odenhof Windshadow
Odenhof's Fatal Attraction
Am/Can/Bermuda Ch Odenhof's Spellbound CD ROM
Ch Pell's Electric Windjammer
Ch Pell's Going With the Wind
Ch Pell's Walking on the Wind WAC
Ch Pell's Written on the Wind
Can Ch Quiche's Danielle
Quiche's Elliott of Pamelot's
Quiche's Indiscreet
Am Ch Can Ch Quiche's Inherit the Wind
Quiche's Northern Wind
Quiche's Polly
Quiche's Rumble
Quiche's Scirocco
Quiche's Wind Chimes
Can Ch Quiche's Written on the Wind
Ch Rahdy's Channing v Deserae
Ch Rahdy's Desert Eagle LC-12D
Rahdy's Fire Fashion CD
Ch Rahdy's Francheska v Deserae CD ROM LC-14D
Ch Rahdy's Gypsy Wind LC-12D
Ch Rahdy's Sable v Deserae LC-11D
Ch Rahdy's Talafayette
Ch Rahdy's Vixen v Deserae
Rahdy's West Wind Cowboy UD ThD
Ch Ramadyn West End Girl CD
Am/Can Ch Ramadyn Westwind
Ravair's Dark Reflection CDX WAC
Ch Rosehill's Winvale Cloud Driftr WAC
VDH Ch Rotkaeppchen vd Cara ADPr SchH3 FH ZTP V1A
Ch Royal Tudor's Gone With the Wind CD
Ch Royal Tudor's Wild as the Wind UD TDX ROM CGC LC-12D
Sandrift's Bravo v Royalmead CDX
U-CD Ch Sandrift's Katy of Royalmead UDXT ROM CGC TT
Sandrift's Odessa v Royalmead CD
Ch Sharmoth's Source of Dreams
Sharmoth's Sweet Dreams
Ch Sherluck's Good as Gold LC-11D
Ch Sherluck's High Roller
Ch Sherluck's Pennys From Heaven LC-10D
Ch Sherlucks New York Minute
Ch Shinya's Hot to Trot WAC
Ch Shinya's Scarlet Harlot
Ch Star Tyme's Black Gold CD ROM
Ch Star Tyme's Mountain Laurel CD ROM
Starburst's Electric Lady
Ch Starburst's O'rion
Ch Starburst's Song of Shiloh CD ROM LC-11D
Telstar's Desert Wind v Lastar LC-10L
Ch Telstar's Lastar's Wind Shadow LC-11D
Telstar's Safari v Lastar
Ch Terrylane's Command the'Wind
Terrylane's Northern Wind
Ch Terrylane's Race Th'Wind
Terrylane's Tropical Wind
Toledobes La Mirage v Kara LC-12L
Toledobes Riviera v Cara
Wendorf's Kilimanjaro LC-12L
Can Ch Wendorf's Kreme De Le Kreme LC-10D
Windale Rosehill Cloud Brakr UD
  HEALTH INFORMATION-sections highlighted in blue have results - click to view  
  No cardiac information
By DNA: Clear
Hips / Elbows / Shoulders
OFA Hips: Excellent OFA Hips #: DP-2532
  No thyroid information
CERF Certifications are good for one year from the date of testing
CERF Normal
OFA Eye#: DP-197 OFA date: 1990-04-20
Degenerative Myelopathy / CVI / Spinal Disorders
  No neuromuscular/CVI/spinal information
  No male reproduction information
  No liver information
  No allergy information
Bone/Growth Disorders
  No bone/growth disorder information
  No narcolepsy information
Behavioral/Canine Compulsive Disorders
  No behavioral/canine compulsive disorder information
  No cancer information
  No gastrointestinal information
  No skin/coat information
DINGS/Congenital Deafness
  No congenital deafness/vestibular disease information
Immune Mediated Diseases
  No immune mediated disease information
  No kidney/urinary information
  No longevity information
  No CHIC information
    Bingham, Judy
  city    Beaumont state/prov     California country     United States
  email    judyb115@aol.com  
   Bingham, Judy
  city     Beaumont state/prov     California country     United States
  email     judyb115@aol.com  
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