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registered name
Soquel's Distant Thunder
call name
akc #
ckc #
akc studbook
  11 1997
ckc studbook
 other #
date of birth
  United States
other country
frozen semen
height (inches)
weight (lbs)
  #3 BbDD
length (inches)
dna Profile
date of death
cause of death
  Ch Soquel's Thunder Storm WAC BFL-1 LC-10D  
  Ch Heleva's Marian of Dubois BFL-1  













Heleva Is Back in Black
Soquel's Double Delight
Soquel's Double Feature
Ch Soquel's Double Trouble
Soquel's Indemnity


Adobe's Devonquest Crimson Rival CD
Can Ch Adobe's Diamond in the Rough
Can Ch Adobe's Immortal CD
Adobe's Mocha Moment
Adobe's Stryker
Adobe's Thunder Nakai
Adobe's Tyras
Adobe's Walkin Tall
Ch Alisaton Count Chocula
Ch Alisaton Lucky Charms
Am/Can Ch Alisaton Rose Adagio RA ROM
Ch Bolero Black Rain v Deerfield
Ch Bolero Hard Rain v Deerfield
Ch Bolero Kiss the Rain v Deerfield WAC
Bolero Rainmaker v Deerfield
Cambria's Fantasy v Carlon
Cambria's Imagine v Carlon
NZ Ch Cambria's Phantom v Carlon
Phil HOF Cambria's Spector v Carlon
Cambria's Spirit v Carlon
Ch Cambria's Vapor v Carlon
Ch Cambria's Vision v Carlon
Carlons Illusion v Cambria
Dalclar's Lucky Deal Alisaton
Datelis Sound Off Alisaton
Ch Datelis SpeakEasy Equinoxx LC-11D
Can Ch Dawnaquinn's Kendra v Soquel
Am/Can/Int Ch Desert Image Dust Storm Soquel CD ROM TT CGC
Desert Image Hail Storm Soquel LC-13L
Ch Desert Image Mi Amoure' of Soquel WAC
Desert Image Mighty Hercules
Desert Image Thunderhrt v Soquel WAC
Desert Image Wind Storm v Soquel
Int Ch Electron's Gone With the Wind CGC
Ch Esquire's Purple Haze
Am/Can Ch Esquire's Revival
Ch Esquire's Wake of the Wind
Fancyface's Back Street Girl LC-13D
Ch Fancyface's Caught Red-Handed LC-13D
Fancyface's Destiny
Ch FancyFace's Freedom Fighter
FancyFace's Sweet Liberty LC-10D
Ch Foxridge's Ego Trip v Soquel
Ch Foxridge's Journey v Soquel
Am/Can Ch Freespirits Far and Away
Freespirits Far Horizons
Freespirits Final Frontier
Freespirits Flagship
Freespirits Flying Colours
Freespirits Fortunate Son
Freespirits Fortune Hunter
Freespirits Fortune Teller
Can Ch Freespirits Frankly My Dear
Ch Gemstone Angel in Disguise
Gemstone Guardian Angel CD WAC
Ch Gemstone Oso Nice Angel
Am/Car/Pan Ch Brz GRCh Harmaquis Ma Callas Fine Flair
Can Ch Hearthfires Dream v Maxidobes
Can Ch Holmrun's a for Adobe CD
Can Ch Holmrun's a for Amsel
Holmrun's B for Bree
Holmrun's C for Cali LC-10D
Holmrun's C for Cruz
Holmrun's D for Dominic
Holmrun's for the Chase
Holmrun's G for Gracie
Holmrun's J for Jinx
Holmrun's L for Lindsey
Holmrun's T for the Phaethon
Holmrun's T for Two
Hot Note's Drumbeat
Jalar Imagination
Jalar Impressario
Jalar Incantation
Jalar Independence LC-14D
Joker's Expose of Meka
Juris Burden of Proof
Ch Juris Clear and Convincing
Ch Juris if it Please the Court
Am Can Ch Juris Material Witness LC-11D
Ch Juris Reign Storm at Soquel
Ch Kashara Storm Warning
Kela's Unchartered Territory
Leading Edge v vunderbar
Leading Edge's Ultimate Storm
Ch LeMils Sole Survivor WAC CGC
Liberator's Distant Horizon
Liberator's Fire and Thunder
Liberator's Night Thunder
Liberator's Practical Magic
Liberator's Thunder Alley
Liberator's Thunder Road
Can Ch Liberator's Thunderstruck
Can Ch Liberator's Thunderwatch
Ch Marienburg's Above 'N Beyond
Ch Marienburg's Good Time Charlie
Marienburg's Pretty in Pink
Marienburg's Song of the South
Ch Marienburg's Thunder Rolls
Ch Marienburg's the Masterpiece
Ch Masquerade's Mega Force
Ch Masquerade's Mesmerize
Ch Masquerade's Mischievious
Ch Masquerade's Momentum
Maxidobes Distant Dream
Am/Can Ch Maxidobes Dream Maker CD ROM
Can Ch Maxidobes Dream Weaver
Maxidobes Dream'n on a Star
Maxidobes I be Dream'n
Maxidobes Wild Dream
Ch Meka's in Suspense
Ch Meka's Perfect Print CD
Meka's Weekly Centerfold
Ch Monarch's Arc De Triomphe
Ch Monarch's Champs-Elysees WAC
Ch Monarch's Crown Jewel
Am/Can Ch Monarch's Heir to the Throne LC-14D
Ch Monarch's Moulin Rouge CD
Monarch's Rosetta Stone
Monsoon's Dark Crystal of Manorie WAC
Montwood Go the Distance Vnona
Ch Nitro's Carbon Copy
Nitro's Primadonna CD
Ch Pennylane's Just Amazing Winmar
Ch Phillmar Boom Chikee Bow Wow
Ch Phillmar Karmabeck's XTC
Ch Phillmar Lord of the Storm CDX
Phillmar Surge of Thunder
Ch Phillmar Thunder of the Sea
Phillmar Thunderedda RN NA NAJ NF NAP RATN CGC
Ch Phillmar Thunderella CD LC-10D
Pinnacle's C'Est Si Bon
Pinnacle's Chevalier Rouge
Pinnacle's Chienne Noire
Am Can Ch Pinnacle's Clair De Lune
Pinnacle's Merci Beau Coups
Can Ch Pinnacle's Quel Ricochet CD CGC LC-11D
Ch Pinnacle's Tonnerre Rouge
Ch Pinnacle's Tres Jolie
Pomme D' Raksha CD
Rafaela De Sinaloa
Ravensloft DRK Thunderknight
Ravensloft Fuel to the Fire
Ravensloft Jada v Florindale
Ravensloft Ruler of Thunder
Ravensloft Suddenly Luke
Ravensown Distant Sturm und Drang CD
Ch Ravensown Distant Typhoon
Ravensown Distant Whirlwind CD RE OAP AJP LC-11D
Riverbend's End of the Rainbeau
Riverbend's Kisst by a Breeze
Riverbend's Rolling Thunder
Riverbend's Sky's the Limit
Riverbend's Storm Warning CD AX AXJ OF
Riverbend's Victoria's Secret OA OAJ
Rosendo De Sinaloa
Shaden's Dagny Taggart
Ch Silhouette's Sanctimonious RN WAC CGC LC-10D
Silhouette's Scandalous LC-11D
Ch Silhouette's Simpatico
Silhouette's Statesman LC-12D
Silhouette's Syndicate LC-12D
Soquel's Celestial Thunder
Ch Soquel's Distant Drummer
Soquel's Ebony Thunder
Soquel's Echo of Thunder
Soquel's Red Alert
Ch Soquel's Thunder Struck III
Southern Pride's Crimson Star
Ch Southern Pride's Isabeau Cawdor
Sunset Look'n for Trouble
Sunset Nothing But Trouble
Ch Sunset Roll'n in Trouble CGC TDI
Sunset Tell Me Your Troubles
Sunset Trble in the Distance MX MXJ ADCH NATCH WAC
Ch Sunset Trouble in Paradise NA ROM
CH Sunset Won N Only of Soquel WAC LC-10D
Ch Teraden's Black Magic II
Teraden's Quarterback Crunch
Teraden's Spumoni
Ch Thunder's Last Tango
Ch Thunder's Miz Conduct WAC LC-11D
Ch Thunder's Moonlight Sonata LD-11 1/2
Ch Thunder's Night Music
Toledobes Emerald Isle
Ch Toledobes Irish Mist
Ch Toledobes Irish Rover
Ch Toledobes Irish Shenanigans CGC
Am/U/UCICB Ch Toledobes Listen to the Wind
Can Ch Toledobes Molly Malone
Toledobes Sizzlin Hot Soquel
Ch Toledobes Storm's Arisin
Ch Toledobes Struck by Lightning WAC
Toledobes Tornado Warning WAC
Can Ch Veriann's Twilight Terrace
Veriann's Typhoon
Windsor's Just My Luck
Winmar's Justa Classic Pennylane
Winsome's Erik the Red
Ch Winsome's Magic Moments WAC LC-11D
Wrath's Stealing Thunder
  HEALTH INFORMATION-sections highlighted in blue have results - click to view  
OFA Cardiac #: DP-CA25/79M/C-PI
  No vWD information
Hips / Elbows / Shoulders
OFA Hips: Good OFA Hips #: DP-8451G24M-T
  No thyroid information
CERF Certifications are good for one year from the date of testing
CERF Normal
OFA Eye#: DP-920 OFA date: 2003-03-24
Degenerative Myelopathy / CVI / Spinal Disorders
  No neuromuscular/CVI/spinal information
  No male reproduction information
  No liver information
  No allergy information
Bone/Growth Disorders
  No bone/growth disorder information
  No narcolepsy information
Behavioral/Canine Compulsive Disorders
  No behavioral/canine compulsive disorder information
  No cancer information
  No gastrointestinal information
  No skin/coat information
DINGS/Congenital Deafness
  No congenital deafness/vestibular disease information
Immune Mediated Diseases
  No immune mediated disease information
  No kidney/urinary information
  No longevity information
  No CHIC information
    Gates, Cheryl
  city    Norco state/prov     California country     United States
  email    chmurrey@aol.com  
    Hoff, Shirley
  city    Watsonville state/prov     California country     United States
  email    soquels@aol.com  
    Hoff, Linda
  city    Watsonville state/prov     California country     United States
  email    lhsoquel@aol.com  
  web    http://www.soqueldobermans.com  
    Roberson, Margaret H
  city    Banning state/prov     California country     United States
  email    margir@myway.com  
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